About Us

Havenarth.com is an Indian online shopping site developing its charisma in this huge world of ecommerce. It is led by Birmani Rajkumar alongwith Harilal Singha & Debojit Singha in the year 2020.
Havenarth has been introduced with the aim of creating awareness and the sense of gratitude towards craftsmen among people. Though we deals in other attributes as well, the traditional attires and items has been kept in the spotlight.

Havenarth holds three key principles

  • TRUST- We would always share a trustworthy & healthy relationship with our customers and sellers.

  • COMPATIBLE- We make sure that each of our customer's preferences & needs are fulfilled from time to time.

  • REVOLUTION- We are taking a big step towards people helping out to get their own identity and what's better than starting up with traditional dresses or items. Be a part of change. Be original. Be the trendsetter.