1. Is it necessary to login for shopping on Havenarth?
Yes, it is.
2. Do Havenarth shipped products internationally?
Temporarily no but looking further at its best to do so.
3. What is to be done if a product could not be attained at time?
In such case, our courier service partner will try to deliver on next business day.
4. Can a product be checked before delivery?
As per Havenarth policy, a product can only be checked after being delivered completely.
(However, if in any case problem persist after its attainment you may consult further.)
5. How can we know that the order has been successfully placed?
If your order has been successfully placed you may soon get confirmation message on your Registered Mobile Number(RMN) and email. You will also get notified after the shipment of your product via as mentioned above.
You may also track your order details on 'My Section Order' which will be available on your Havenarth account.
6. When will the product be obtained after replacement or refund?
For this you can go through 'My Order' page and check your product status. Once the verification of the product has been done, the necessary steps will be taken further.
7. Is a product returnable after the mentioned time period for return?
No, as per Havenarth return policy products shall not be taken back after exceeding the time given for returning products.