Privacy Policy

Havenarth knows the importance of our customers and do care about their personal information shared with us. We appreciate for your beliefs on us which in turn helps us to be more vulnerable while dealing with your informations provided. We assure each and every customers safety and do not negotiate with any of their privacies. This notice describes the privacy policy of Havenarth. By visiting Havenarth, you agree with all your consent to all the practices described in this Privacy Notice.


Havenarth's privacy policy is always dynamic so without any prior notice it is subject to change anytime. Kindly visit our privacy policy's page and keep a constant review to make yourself update and aware of our latest changes.

By visiting this Website, you agree to all the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy. If you are likely to disagree please do not use further or access our Website.

What sort of information Havenarth collects from the customers?

To provide our users the best online shopping experience without any hindrance, we avail your latest personal information shared by you which in turn helps us to serve you better which is much prone to meet your requirements. We do so in order to upgrade our Website for serving you smoother and safer. We only collect those personal informations which is necessary to achieve the above given purpose.

Once we attain your personal information you are no more anonymous to us, though you can always generally go through our website without revealing your identity and personal information to us. You always have the option not to do so by not using a particular feature or service on our Website. We would indicate options at every possible fields which are mandatory and which are optional. For our internal researches which we conduct to understand the priorities of our users and about their likes and dislikes, we may track automatically some personal informations according to user's behaviour on Website.

Some other ways for obtaining additional informations:

a) When you buy any product on our website, we collect that information gathered through your buying
experience such as preferences and other informations related to it.
b) When you transact with us, we gather those informations accompanying with the billing details such as
credit/debit card number, billing address and others.
c) When you set up an account with us, we collect certain basic informations about you such as your name, contact no, email address and others including your payment mode details. The contact & email address is used to send fresh offers and discounts based on your last shopping experience or preference.
d) When you leave your valuable feedbacks or post messages on our chat rooms or message counters, we collect those information provided by you in order to solve your queries & complaints and also to prevent any problem encountering in future.
e) Also, when you send us your personal correspondence through e-mails or letters, we collect your personal informations from that as well.

Please contact us with any questions regarding this statement.